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I have a weigh-in in about two hours and I’m starving. I never eat much the day of a weigh-in. Today I had a Yoplait yogurt and some slices of lean ham. Usually, by now, I would have eaten cereal with milk, ham, fruit, a huge salad, a TV dinner, and maybe more.

My friend Alex and I like to go out to eat a lot. Over the summer we ate plenty of chocolate chip pancakes, french fries, pasta, and I drank at least one 64 oz. Slurpee a week. It’s pretty obvious why I joined Weight Watchers.

Now that we are on Weight Watchers, Alex and I are trying new foods and making better choices. One of our favorite places is Cosi. One afternoon when we were there, we got one of our usuals: The Sesame Chicken half-sandwich and the half Signature Salad Light with Feta Cheese. The sandwich is on fresh multigrain flatbread and has chicken, carrots, and lettuce with a sesame sauce. The salad has mixed greens, red grapes, pistachios, pears, and dried cranberries with a reduced-fat sherry-shallot vinaigrette. Normally, the salad comes with gorgonzola, but we always ask for feta chese.

Alex and I picked up our sandwiches and at the same time looked right at them and spoke: “I love you.”

Let’s face it. Food is tasty. I’m looking forward to getting Sesame Chicken, String Beans, Wonton Soup, and Brown Rice after my Weight Watchers Meeting tonight. No, it’s not exactly healthy, but it is pretty darn tasty so I don’t really care. And it could be worse. It’s not like I’m getting the 35 point Riblets Basket and Fries at Applebees. True, I will probably get a frappucino (maybe a chocolate chip one) and some french fries. I’ll go back to eating healthily tomorrow.

I’m dreaming of food. I love it.

And since I’m talking about food, I’m going to end the post with a little quote about Mountain Dew.

Last night on Little People, Big World, Amy Roloff told Zach that she would not support his Mountain Dew addiction. I sent Pastor Matt a text message about it and he replied “That’s why they are little people. That dang Mountain Dew.”

I miss Mountain Dew Code Red…

And even if Mountain Dew made you little, I doubt it would make me little horizontally, so I think I’ll keep missing it.

At least I still have my precious food.

(Note to self: Don’t blog on an empty stomach)