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I’ve gotten yelled at a lot for this, but I’ve gotta say it.

I’m fat.

I’m not just talking about physically. You know, larger sizes, etc. Nope. I’m talking about the fact that I am physically out of shape. I really don’t get much exercise (although I have been known for walking 8 miles at a time). I don’t remember the last time I had actual fruit (ok… it was when I had Jamba Juice on Thursday… or maybe the last time I had Pinkberry).

If you’ve seen me on Facebook you may have noticed I have a new picture… the banner for my new sister-site: From the Scales of Lissa Kristine. This blog will highlight my weight loss journey as I attempt to lose weight and  get into a healthier lifestyle through the Weight Watcher’s program. I plan on talking about my personal progress and struggles; whether I had  a good weigh-in or a bad one. I’ll share success stories, reviews on food/beverages I like (such as Starbucks drinks). I’ll even consider sharing some pictures and graphs to show progress.

I’m hoping this will hold me accountable for staying on plan this time around, and it will also be a good way to gain and give support to others who are trying to lose weight.

If you are on a diet/weight loss program, are considering one, or have been on one in the past, leave a comment on this post or send an email at honeylissabee@gmail.com. Let me know if there is something you would like me to discuss in the future.

*Disclaimer: You should talk to your doctor before starting any diet/weight-loss program. While I am using the Weight Watcher’s Momentum Program as a basis for my weight loss journey, I do not own any aspect of the program including the POINT’S system. While nutritional information will primarily be labeled based on the WW system, these pieces of advice may be used in various lifestyle plans/diets.