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Why do I even bother with a second blog when I clearly don’t update my main one?

I have officially been granted the Weight Watchers “Stay and Succeed” charm for my 10% keychain. This is a fairly new award (they didn’t have it last year) for people who have been attending meetings for sixteen weeks. Which means September 14 is exactly 16 weeks away from June 1. (September 14, 2010 is also the 25th Anniversary of The Golden Girls, which is clearly the best show of all-time.)

But I digress (see how I can fit in Golden Girls anywhere?!)

The past couple weeks on plan have not been going well. True, I blame last week all on myself. I got off track one night after playing around with my weeklies. I managed to get back on plan without going over Saturday-Monday, and I saved myself from a gain. I didn’t lose an ounce though, but I expected that much.

I was also thinking that going over one week and getting right back on plan would help boost my weight loss. I DID dip into a few weeklies (a point here and there, and 4 points for Applebees on Saturday night), but I usually use a couple weeklies here and there.


However, I did get to highlight one of my NSV’s (Non-Scale Victories) at the meeting. About a week ago, my friend Alex (who is also my WW buddy, even though having a teenage boy as a Weight Watchers buddy is just plain foolish), and I were at the Snob Hills Mall. It was after closing, and we were getting ready to leave, but we weren’t QUITE ready to get back into the car to go to The Barnes and Nibble. So, we decided to dramatically run (for most people it would hardly count as a “jog”) past the Abercrombie and Fitch store (we typically add onto the drama by gagging).

That’s when we decided to take it a little further by seeing who could go further. We continued down the hallway and out one of the doors. Having nowhere else to go but forward, we started “running” around the mall. Both of us were out of breath and starting to slow down, but neither of us wanted to be the first to quit. We were too stubborn to lose at this contest. Finally, we agreed to stop at a Stop Sign just ahead of us and end at a tie.

Afterwards, we walked across the mall and up the stairs from the first floor of the mall to the 5th level roof of the parking garage. We managed to completely catch our breaths when we got to Barnes and Noble… AFTER getting Starbucks.

Both of us agree that we need to get more exercise, but let’s face it. Exercise is BOOOOOORRRRRING. Fitness DVDs get kind of old after a while, and the less-than-three mile route near my house we walk on occasion is pretty dull. The most exercise we typically get is walking around New York City (and we will walk a mile out of our way just to get Pinkberry’s Pomegranate flavor frozen yogurt.)

So, we’ve decided that we need to do some different things in order to get some activity points (and to change up our otherwise dull lives). This fall, we are planning on going to different farms in the area, not only to climb up onto stacks of hay and sing, but to go through a corn maze (and sing some more!) We’re also looking at bowling, ice skating (which neither of us can ACTUALLY do), laser tag, and maybe even getting a free day-pass to a local gym to use to challenge ourselves to some mini-contests (seeing who can go longer jogging on the treadmill or who can withstand walking at the steepest incline longest, etc.) It might take some of the boredom out of exercise and our lives.

As far as the every day activity goes, that might take a bit more time. We’ve started to take the stairs instead of the elevator/escalators at the mall, and I ALWAYS park at the very end of the parking lot (there’s a better chance of getting a pull-through space there!). We might even start doing short walks or mini races (even if it’s just seeing who can get from the car to the front door of the Barnes and Nibble faster).

I guess it’s the little changes we’ll be making to get more activity that will benefit us more in the long-run because these are the things we’ll probably KEEP doing, even after we get to our goal weights.

So, here’s a question for you:

What fun activities do you do to try to get activity points in that aren’t part of your typical routine, and what do you do on a regular basis to help sneak in some exercise throughout the day?