Most of my resolutions this year have to do with money, church/volunteer, or weight loss. I’ve been on the latest Weight Watchers PointsPlus program since Sunday. Hopefully the 14 pounds I gained in December will come off fairly quickly.

Among my list of resolutions for weight loss, I have decided to try at least one new fruit/vegetable per week (or re-try old favorites). As of right now, I’m going to see if I can manage to try 51 more in addition to the 3 I’ve already tried (only the first 1 counts).

Yesterday, I tried blood oranges. Yum! The apricots were alright, but not exactly the best. I think that plums and pluots and apricots all just sorta taste the same after a while. Of course, both are world’s better than the papaya I have sitting in a cup. The guy at the farmer’s market (who gave it to me for free- thank goodness) warned me that it would smell like feet.

He didn’t say it would taste like feet. Yuck!

Well, at least I’m not wasting money by tossing it into the trashcan, and it was 0 PointsPlus values, so that wasn’t too much of a sacrifice there (although, with the amount I ate, it would have been 0 Points on Momentum as well).

Fortunately, the 0 point cherries really make up for it- especially since I got them at $1.79 a pound yesterday. Mmm!

I may end up gaining weight eating too much fruit.