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People seem to think that because I’m young, it means I have an easier time when it comes to this whole weight loss thing. True, my metabolism is probably higher than it would be if I were nearing 30, not 20. That doesn’t mean it’s easier.

It seems like most social events for teens and young adults revolve around food. Church gatherings involve bags of chips and bottles of soda. Groups get together for half-price appetizers at Applebees. Since there’s a chance a number of people who are on Weight Watchers that have heart conditions, I won’t give you the PointsPlus values for the appetizers, but if you are looking at getting one just keep in mind that they have a minimum of 4 grams of saturated fat (that’s just for dressing to dip the wings in), and as many as 54 grams. (We won’t even get into the total fat values).

I can handle the salty foods. In December when I was off plan, my usual request for dinner was “I don’t care as long as I get french fries.” In all honesty, though, I don’t feel deprived if I don’t eat fries or chips. It’s the sweets that really get to me. I’ve never been big into candy, but I love cookies, cake, and ice cream.

Unfortunately, it’s desserts that are the bigger problem with eating out on a “diet.” I’m sorry, but ordering a fruit cup instead of the chocolate cake isn’t going to help me. I can substitute carrot sticks or an apple for that little bag of potato chips, but an apple doesn’t work when my alternative is apple pie. (Sadly, the chips would still be a better option than the apple pie).

So how do you handle those situations? Those 100 calorie packs are expensive (and not that good), and eating a sweet treat at home isn’t the same as eating out. McDonalds has their ice cream cones for 4 PointsPlus values (1 for the kiddie cone), and that’s probably one of the best fast food desserts you can get.

However, on most days my friend and I like to end the day with a trip to Starbucks. I typically get unsweetened tea (I found out yesterday that the Tazo Joy Tea didn’t sell at my usual location which means they still have it in stock!) And he switches around between tea lattes, unsweetened passion or black tea lemonades, or the occasional plain hot tea. That’s also where we get to satisfy our sweet tooths.

Apparently they don’t sell these out west (insert evil laughter here), but around here they sell little packages of Black and White cookies by the register at Starbucks. One package of two cookies comes out to be 7 PointsPlus values, and on occasion we’ll each eat our own package. Usually though, we’ll split one pack and we’ll end up having a nice 3 PointsPlus values dessert with our tea. Considering our alternatives (like a minimum of 10 points at Applebees for a shooter), this really isn’t a bad deal.

Besides, we have a thing about good desserts. A good dessert on Weight Watchers is one you would eat whether you are on plan or not. These qualify.

So does Pinkberry frozen yogurt, but that’s for another post.