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On June 1, 2010 while living in Tuscon, AZ I restarted Weight Watchers at the weight of 183.8 pounds.

By my 19th Birthday at the end of the month, I was down 10.8 pounds. Before I took time off in December (to get used to the idea of the new Points Plus Plan) I was down 31.2 pounds- only 2.6 pounds away from being at a healthy BMI.

Now, nearly a year after starting, I am weighing in somewhere between 175 and 180 pounds.

Let’s just let that failure sink in for everybody.

In December alone I gained 18 pounds, and I know that was my own fault for overdoing it when I wasn’t tracking or counting POINTS.

It took me a long time to accept that Weight Watchers was no longer working for me. I was very successful during the Momentum Program (as long as I was staying on plan).

I’m not saying Points Plus is a bad program- just that it isn’t the program for me.

See, I’m a compulsive overeater/binge eater. One of the selling features of Points Plus is that all fruit is “free.” Now, that can be a good thing for people who avoided fruit to save points. I wasn’t one of those people. Actually, I found myself allotting extra points to “binge” on fruit on occasions.

When I can put in an entire jar of unsweetened applesauce or an entire bag of frozen cherries or mangoes in one sitting for 0 points, they can easily become a trigger for me. Eating the fruit alone wasn’t causing me to gain weight. It was the fact that I was binging on a regular basis. Sure, I know “free fruit” does not mean “free-for-all fruit” but that doesn’t change things when the little number of Points Plus Values doesn’t change no matter how much I eat.

There were also a lot of other issues. Points Plus values are a lot more sensitive to nutritional values than Points were. My favorite yogurt brand has flavors that are only one or two carb grams different nutritionally, and that was enough to make a difference. So, I ended up avoiding my favorite flavors of yogurt. Two grams of carbs don’t matter much, but an entire point makes a world of difference. The same goes with my second favorite breakfast: a cup of Kashi GoLean cereal with a cup of vanilla soy milk and some fruit. It has the same calories as my favorite yogurt breakfast, and is high in protein and fiber, but spending extra points killed me at times. I wasn’t learning how to live. I was learning how to budget points so I could pig out on cookies at Starbucks!

Not to mention the $39.95 a month was way too much money to spend not to lose weight! (Switching to Online wasn’t making much of a difference).

So, I’ve decided to fly solo! Well, I’m going to try this without the help of Weight Watchers at least. I’m going to take the help of my good friends Leslie Sansone, and have her help me train so I’m ready to face my nemesis: Jillian Michaels and her 30 Day Shred of excruciating pain. I’ll be pairing my exercise with a reasonable diet monitored by tracking on Sparkpeople.com. To make things a little more interesting, I’ve managed to talk my younger sister into joining me (we’ll see how this goes). As of right now, we have the goal to lose about 110 pounds between the two of us (evenly divided).

We’ll have official stats by June 1, 2011.

Why not start a new plan exactly one year after the first?

This time, it will be different. I am determined to work my butt off and get this weight gone for good!

I’ll check back in Wednesday with my official goals!