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Some time ago in my post about the Starbucks black and white cookies, I mentioned that the best desserts are ones you would eat whether you were dieting or not.

I think those are the best foods in general. Earlier today, after a trip to the local Farmer’s market, I posted on Facebook that my favorite foods included berries, cherries, jicama, mangoes, mushrooms, spinach, grapes, plums, pears, and a variety of other fruits and veggies. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make dieting easier.

There are certainly some off-limits food for me when I’m trying to watch what I eat. Barbecue potato chips (unless in a single serving bag) are at the top of the list- simply because I lose all control. I also avoid cake/cupcakes unless they’re homemade.

That also means that when I’m “off” my diet I pretty much live off of potato chips.

There are definitely some foods that I find myself drooling over whether I’m dieting or not, but they’re also some of my better options when I’m eating out. If I go to McDonalds on a “diet” I’ll get apple slices or a small fry. If I go to McDonalds while off-plan, I’ll get the largest size fry I can get.

If I go to a Japanese place on a diet, I’ll get sushi and/or sashimi. If I go to a Japanese place while not on a diet, I’ll get… sushi and/or sashimi.


I also know that no matter what our New York City plans are: whether we get a healthy dinner at The Pump or eat hummus and pita, or even just pig out on waffles with nutella we will always end up at two places. Starbucks and Pinkberry.

Frozen yogurt. It is the single most amazing dessert because it joins together the dieting and non-dieting world in a frozen mix of happiness. (That is if you get good frozen yogurt. Pinkberry is by far the best, but Red Mango is decent as well. Yogurtland does not compare).

So, what do you think of sushi and frozen yogurt (not together of course- ew!)?Do you have foods that you would eat whether you were pigging out on everything in sight or struggling to stay on a diet plan?
(PS: Someone should take me out for sushi and/or froyo. I haven’t eaten sushi since June. Something like this should be illegal!)