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I know without a doubt that I am not alone in my desire to lose weight. I mean, really. There are numerous television shows dedicated to the concept: The Biggest Loser and Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition are the first two that come to mind (I’m watching last night’s episode of The Biggest Loser) as I write this.

However, we all have different reasons for wanting to lose weight. For some, it’s simply vanity. They want to wear the skin-tight dresses and feel “sexy.”

Sparkpeople.com has a “Weight Loss Motivation Worksheet” on their website that I look at every month or so, but today I figured I would share some of the reasons I’m not giving up on my dream to lose weight (regardless of how my diet and exercise plans have failed time and time again).

My Feet and Shoes

Up until last year, I wore walking shoes every single day because I have a lot of issues with my feet. If I spend too much time standing, I am likely to be limping around for the following few days. This past Sunday, I left church early to go to work. I was wearing new black flats while spending the majority of the day on my feet.

I want to be able to do that without pain. I want to be able to pick shoes based on what I’m wearing- not always based on what I’m doing. I’d love to be the kind of person with multiple pairs of shoes to choose between, and I’d even like to feel comfortable wearing heels one day.

Being a “Skinny Minnie”

“Skinny Minnie” is a little joke Alex and I have that stems from someone on the Weight Watchers Facebook page. Honestly, I’m 20. Of course I want to lose weight so I look good. Am I saying I want to be stick-thin? No.

In 2009 while on Weight Watchers, I got down to a small-medium in tops and a size 6-8 in jeans. At the store, I even found a few size 4 jeans that fit. At the time, I still had about 30 pounds to lose to reach goal, and I had yet to get into a proper exercise routine.

Today, my size 12 jeans are a little snug at times and I wear a large to extra-large top (although, I have a medium top that I can still wear on occasion). I look back on those pictures of me from May and June of 2009, and I would give almost anything to go back to that. I still had a long way to go, but I was able to go to the store and not have to struggle because everything that was plus-sized was too big, but everything that was regular-sized was too small.

I want to keep up. 

No fancy shmancy title for this one. When I was at my skinniest since deciding to lose weight (that probably started off and on in 2006 or 2007), I joined the gym for a few months. At that time, I spent an hour on the treadmill, did some strength training, and then hopped back onto the treadmill again for another half-hour or longer- and I would have gone longer if I had the time (or my own transportation home). Today, I rejoice when the clock on the treadmill reads “40 minutes.”


That’s what it is. It’s pathetic. I should be able to go far beyond where I usually go- not hit the bare minimum. I should be able to knock off the 30 minute circuit at the gym and then follow it with a full cardio workout… not just do 10 minutes or so on the treadmill afterwards. I should be able to put in the full hour or two at the gym early in the morning and spend the afternoons on my old Razor scooter or running around with the seven-year-old I watch.

I’d love to be able to look at a Jillian Michael’s workout- even if it’s just level one of the 30 Day Shred- and do it without any hesitation. I’d love to be able to jog or run a full mile for the first time.

I want to be in the kind of mental and physical shape where I can look Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels in the face and tell them to “bring it on.”

There are certainly other motivational factors, including the fact that I am the skinniest person in my family at this time, and I want it to stay that way, but those are three of my biggest ones at this time.

What about you? Why do you want to lose weight?

(For those of you who are interested, here is the Motivational Worksheet I just completed):

My Major Motivation Points
Personal Appearance:
I want to:

•Fit into that dress •Wear a swim suit on the beach
•Firm up what I have •Stop avoiding mirrors
•Keep my thighs from rubbing •Have my clothes fit better
Health & Fitness:
 I want to:

•Live longer •Have more energy
•Climb stairs without being winded •Not feel/get sick all the time
•Run or walk a 5k, marathon, triathlon or other race •No more foot pain
Friends, Family and Social Life: I want to:
•Play and be active with my kids [work] •Start, or improve my dating scene
•Kick off a new career •Get in shape before I have a baby
•Get in shape for my wedding or anniversary [someday- might as well start now!]
Everyday Signs and Situations: 
I want to:

•Be more confident in myself, with better self esteem •Overcome shyness
•Walk into a room without feeling like people are staring •Be a more confident public speaker
•Relax around other people and be myself •Have people ask if I have lost weight
•Prove to myself that I can do it.