According to my calculations, there are 11 weeks until the New Year. That means 11 weeks until what will likely be another year where we make the vow to lose weight. Another year where we swear it will be different from every year before.

I sometimes consider myself a “resolution dieter.” That is, I can’t seem to get on track with trying to lose weight unless I start on a milestone date. It doesn’t necessarily have to be any particular date, but the beginning of a month is best. It’s best if it’s after major holidays/events… but really, I just prefer the first Monday of the month.

January 2 (my ideal resolution start date) just happens to be on a Monday.

But this isn’t about my inability to start (or re-start) on a diet unless everything in my schedule aligns perfectly. This is about trying to break the typical binge and diet cycle of pigging out the night before a “diet”  starts and then cutting out all the junk immediately.

I tried this whole concept of “Spark Months,” but it hasn’t been going well for me. So, I thought I’d try something new for the next 11 weeks leading up to the New Year.

Each week, starting tomorrow, I’m going to start with one minor goal. Tomorrow, I’ll just start with making sure I have fruits/veggies with every meal and snack (and I have to eat the produce before I eat anything else). Next week, I’ll start using my Easy Lunchbox containers and cooler bags and start packing breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and (some) dinners. For week three, I’ll work on taking my vitamins regularly.

I’m not focusing on staying within calorie ranges, measuring, and tracking right now. By January 2, 2012, I will be using all these little weekly goals to help fuel myself through the year, and to a smaller, healthier, me.

Anyone with me?