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I’ve been getting into watching The Biggest Loser lately (and like many Americans, I eat high calorie, high fat food while watching the show). 

In the early seasons of the show, contestants wore “goal shirts.” Unfortunately, I can’t find any pictures of them, but these t-shirts are in the team colors with text that says “to…” One contestant’s shirt said “to walk my daughters down the aisle.” Another’s had “to finish what I started for once.” 

I’ve also been a little obsessed with a Tumblr site: 999 Reasons Why. Honestly, I am overwhelmed trying to think of 999 reasons why I want to lose weight and get healthier, but I thought it would be a fun challenge to try to come up with 100. 

Some of these are my own, but a number were taken from the above Tumblr page. 

  1. To not have days where I’m on or off my diet.
  2. To be able to stay on my feet all day without any pain.
  3. To look good in white clothes
  4. To not mind if the camera adds on a little extra weight.
  5. To not worry that I look like a pig when I eat out with friends.
  6. To be able to run up the stairs from the first floor of the mall to the top level of the parking garage without being winded.
  7. To climb the steps of the Empire State Building
  8. To walk from the top of Manhattan down to the bottom.
  9. To be able to do a real push up
  10. To be able to do every level of the 30 day shred without modifications.
  11. To be within the weight limit for my old Razor scooter again.
  12. To be never have to wear double digit pants again.
  13. To be able to fool the employees at Saks Fifth Avenue into thinking that I belong there.
  14. To not feel guilty about spending money on clothes that I hope to be too thin for after I start my next diet.
  15. To be able to shop at Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, Banana Republic, and The Gap for the first time.
  16. To have a healthy BMI for the first time in years
  17. To go back into my old Weight Watchers meeting and show off my new thinner self to my leader.
  18. To not have a double chin.
  19. To have clearer skin.
  20. To feel more confident in public.
  21. To not even consider buying shapewear to disguise a bulging stomach
  22. To change my eating habits so I naturally reach for the carrot sticks instead of the potato chips.
  23. To be not have to wear a loose t-shirt over my bathing suit.
  24. To go to a casual diner and Starbucks wearing a cute dress- just because I want to look as good as I feel.
  25. To not have to wear “whatever fits” because most of my clothes are too small for me.
  26. To take “lose weight” off my list of New Years resolutions.
  27. To never find the weight I lost again.
  28. To look decent in my next Driver’s License picture (NOBODY looks good in them, so I’m not going to kid myself).
  29. To not have to say “I’m too fat for that one too” when shopping for new clothes.
  30. To reduce my risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.
  31. To not have to add “dieting” to my wedding to-do list.
  32. To look good even if I’m wearing baggy sweats.
  33. To stand out from my family.
  34. To not feel like I wasted money on weight loss rewards.
  35. To not dread going to the gym.
  36. To be able to run a full mile without walking.
  37. To be able to run a 5-K, 10-K, half marathon, and more.
  38. To have some credibility when I say I’m trying to lose weight.
  39. To be able to reach down and touch my toes for the first time.
  40. To not be afraid to join in when friends are playing volleyball or kickball.
  41. To have definition in my upper arms.
  42. To not have to suck in my stomach.
  43. To not have to worry that my thighs squish out to twice their size when I sit.
  44. To not have to hold the camera as high as I can to get a decent picture of myself.
  45. To finally have an “After” picture to go with my hundreds of “Before” ones.
  46. To have a better chance of breathing when on a crowded subway car in NYC
  47. To not worry that I’m in someone’s way on the same subway car.
  48. To not feel gigantic next to the stick-thin Asians at Pinkberry.
  49. To be able to stop eating before I feel sick- even if there’s food left on the plate.
  50. To not worry that the waiter or waitress will think I’m a pig.
  51. To not reach a weight where I’d qualify for a reality weight loss show like The Biggest Loser.
  52. To radiate with such confidence that people don’t assume that I call myself a “cow” because I think I’m fat.
  53. To try on clothes just for the fun of it.
  54. To never even look at the plus-sized shirts again.
  55. To be able to buy clothes at Costco without worrying that they won’t fit when I get to try them on at home.
  56. To be able to sit in one seat on the subway or PATH train- not two.
  57. To be able to sing on stage again.
  58. To be 20-30 pounds away from weighing under 100 pounds instead of 20-30 pounds away from weighing over 200.
  59. To be able to accept it when someone compliments my appearance.
  60. To have someone notice that I lost weight.
  61. To have to add points to my daily target because I’m not sitting on my tucus all day.
  62. To finally reach the “Maintenance” stage of Weight Watchers.
  63. To have to to really try to make a “fat” face when goofing off for the camera.
  64. To take Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day off from dieting due to traditions- not the entire month of December and half of November too.
  65. To not undo all the progress I made every few months.
  66. To finally have my dream makeover.
  67. To feel confident enough that I want to look my best even if I’m just running to the store.
  68. To take a picture in the Time’s Square Hershey’s Store of me holding my weight loss  in chocolate…when I’m at my goal weight. (10-13 5 pound bars!)
  69. To prove to myself that I can lose weight.
  70. To see the little character on a weight loss goal ticker reach the right side of the ticker.
  71. To not feel like people are staring at me when I browse through clothes.
  72. To not see an impression left in my skin from the waistband of my jeans because I don’t want to buy a larger size.
  73. To be able to wear my size 6 jeans again- and then have them fall off.
  74. To have to buy new pants- not because I gained enough weight to go up into a size 14, but because I lost enough to shop for a size 4.
  75. To not worry that my face will look too fat if I cut my hair short again.
  76. To actually look cute in a t-shirt because I don’t need to buy one that’s oversized.
  77. To not act like the “all-you-can-eat” sign in a buffet means that it’s “all I can physically  shove into my mouth before I get sick.”
  78. To be able to joke that I’m “stuffing my face” instead of meaning it literally.
  79. To not look to food when I’m depressed.
  80. To say that “I’m going to run to the store” down the street, and then actually do it.
  81. To want to be seen out in public more.
  82. To have more than two or three nice looking outfits in my closet.
  83. To have a “success story” when it comes to my weight loss.
  84. To never have to say “when I lose weight” again.
  85. To be able to lose weight without drugs or surgery.
  86. To travel out of the country without worrying that I’ll look like a “fat American.”
  87. To take a picture of myself with my weight loss in sticks of butter: more than 200 sticks.
  88. To be able to stay motivated even when everything seems to pull me down.
  89. To have more energy during the day.
  90. To not feel too awkward trying out Zumba.
  91. To not bolt out of the gym as soon as my workout time is up.
  92. To stop killing myself slowly with my poor eating and exercise habits.
  93. To be a “skinny minnie” instead of a “fatty mattie.”
  94. To crave fruits and vegetables.
  95. To see my average Fitbit score rise instead of fall.
  96. To not think “I’m going to die” when I work out.
  97. To live in a grey area when it comes to my diet and exercise instead of jumping between extremes.
  98. To never consider joining an “overeaters anonymous” group.
  99. To finish what I started… for once.
  100. To conquer my weight instead of having it conquer me.

What are some of your reasons for wanting to lose weight? You don’t have to list 100, but I’d love to hear of some. Maybe you’ll think of one I left out of my list!