So, I’m working on putting together a customized “Weight Watchers Binder” to track and motivate myself as I go through another year’s resolution to lose weight. This time, I’m going back to the Weight Watchers program that helped me to get down to a size six when I was 17.

I’m  going to include food logs, points lists (both generic and restaurants), and other pieces of information (like lists of what qualifies as a serving of dairy, protein, oil, etc., or points per ounce for various meats, etc.)

I’m also going to include photographs of myself each month, my “Biggest Loser Goal Shirts” list, and a sticker chart.

I am setting 3 or 4 major 10% goals. My first weight loss goal will be to lose 10% of my starting weight. My second goal will be to lose 10% of the weight I am when I reach the first 10% goal. I will continue that pattern until I reach my ultimate goal weight range of 120-125 pounds (this may change as I lose weight though).

I’m also planning on rewarding myself with a sticker (or two) whenever I reach a scale or non-scale victory. It may be the realization that I did something I was unable to do at the gym before. I can earn a sticker for being consistent with getting my Good Health Guidelines in. These stickers will be similar to the “bravo” stickers Weight Watchers gives out. Like Weight Watchers, I’ll also earn one sticker for every five pounds I lose, and 2 stickers when I reach one of my 5% goals.

When I reach one of my 10% goals or get a certain number of stickers, I get to reward myself. Ultimately, I’m going to reward a combination of results and effort.

So, I figured I should include a list of some things I can look forward to earning during my journey. Now, this definitely will be a changing list; in a few weeks, I may decide I don’t want one of the prizes I’ve listed. I may find something better. This is simply just an idea.

Regardless, my final reward will be a full shopping spree to get brand new clothes. Everything in my closet (aside from the size small Gap shirt I’ve never worn) will be thrown out to make room for new clothes. (And, I’ll also be getting a new haircut and some new makeup while I’m at it).

So, here’s just a few of the things I’m going to keep in my binder as ideas for weight loss rewards.

  •  New books for my Kindle (including Idoleyes and The Help)
  • A new bike to replace my worn one that I haven’t been able to ride for about two years.
  • A new Razor scooter because mine is 10 years old, and it’s slowly falling apart.
  • A tattoo (which I am considering making part of my makeover).
  • Repiercing my third holes that closed up recently
  • Getting a cartilage piercing.
  • A weighted hula hoop
  • New earrings
  • New headbands
  • A membership to either Christian Mingle, Eharmony, or

Ok… I’m KIDDING about the last one.

So, what things are you going to do to reward yourself for losing weight and/or reaching your goals?

(And even though I don’t want to use food as a reward, I think I might have to talk to Stacey about one day in the verrrrryyyyyyyy distant future going for a run, and if I survive that, I may just have to reward myself with sushi. At least it’s a healthy reward, right?)