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I’m really getting serious about my weight loss journey. I’m making an extensive weight loss binder to track just about everything I can related to my weight loss. Among the contents of the binder, I am going to include:

  • A Weight Watchers Food Points List (old Points Plan)
  • A Customized Weight Watchers Dining Out Guide (old Points Plan)
  • A generalized “Getting Started Guide” (how to calculate my daily points, quick track guide [points per oz. for certain foods], and GHG chart)
  • My daily trackers
  • My weight/measurement records
  • My “Biggest Loser Goal Shirt List” (with additional items added over time)
  • A simple sticker chart with a list of reasons I earned each sticker (I may use regular notebook paper for this).
  • A chart of FitBit averages per week
  • Monthly pictures

Now, I’m not 100% how things will work out with the binder (especially with my FitBit charts).

However, I don’t want to leave you out of the excitement of what I’m going to keep in the little binder, so every Monday, I’ll be sharing my stats on here. This will include:

  • Current weight
  • Change during the week
  • Total change in weight
  • Total number of steps taken during the week
  • Average number of steps per day
  • Total miles traveled during the week
  • Average number of miles traveled per day
  • Total number of floors climbed (including hills)
  • Average number of floors climbed per day
  • Total calories burned
  • Average number of calories burned per day
  • Average duration of sleep per day
  • Total number of Points used (including weeklies and activity points)
  • Average number of Points used per day.

I am also debating sharing my highest and lowest activities for each week, but I’m starting to decide against it for two reasons: 1. I want to keep all this information in my binder, and the less data, the better. 2. I need to focus on the averages and overall progress. Hopefully, I’ll see patterns in my sleep, points used, activity level, and weight loss that will help me figure out what works best for me.

Once a month, I’ll also be posting monthly measurements and a new picture!

To add a little bit of fun (for me), I’ll color code the data. If the numbers have improved (all numbers, excluding weight, are higher) they’ll be green. So, if in one week, I climbed 70 floors, followed by 72 the following week, the 72 will be green.

I’ll use orange if the numbers have stayed the same, and I’ll use red if the numbers (except the weight) have gone down. My total weight change will not be color coded.

I’ll post my starting weight on January 2, 2012 along with all of my starting statistics (measurements, etc). I’ll officially begin sharing all of the other data on January 9, 2012.

By January 2, I should also have my first goal weight set. I’m estimating it should be about 18 pounds down from my starting weight (10%). I’m only focusing on that goal weight. I’ll work on the next goal when I get to it.