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So, I signed up for a 15 day challenge to kick off the new year. There have been three blog prompts so far (one is for tomorrow). I have done a grand total of NONE of those. I suppose I could make up for them, but I’m not necessarily going to do that (or if I am, it’s just going to be intertwined in other blog posts.

Although (and this covers a portion of prompt number one), it is a little ironic that I am writing this post. The first prompt asks why I decided to participate in the challenge, and the blog prompts were a huge influence in my decision.

So, day two’s prompt talked about using past failures as keys to future success. I’ve always been sort of an “all or nothing” kind of person. Let’s face it. My world is completely black and white, and it shows at the worst times (but that’s a post for the Regardless section of my blog).

I’ll make the illustrations simple for the weight loss world. I have to work out 6 to 7 days of the week or not at all. I’m either 100% on plan, or 100% off. Sure, I can manage a few days… or even a few weeks of moderation, but that’s usually the start of another spiral down (unfortunately, weight doesn’t spiral downward with me when this happens).

One of my biggest challenges with “dieting” is youth group get-togethers. Sparkpeople has offered me a bunch of great advice (finding a new youth group was not one of their greater options). Fortunately, I knew exactly where we were going to eat, and I planned accordingly. I figured that I would use a few of my weekly allowance points to cover my burger and fries at Fuddruckers. However, I did decide to make some modifications to what I would have ordered the week before. I opted for the buffalo burger on a wheat bun with some A1 steak sauce, onions, and lettuce. I also brought along a side of jicama.

I was a little hungry after my workout, but I had already exceeded my daily point target. Normally, I would have pigged out at that point, but I opted for some starfruit with my glass of soy milk.

Then, at youth, my friend Nikki brought one of the most amazingly delicious cupcakes everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (the extra letters are needed for emphasis). Cupcakes are stronger than willpower, so I ended up eating one. However, I got to a point where I wasn’t enjoying the cupcake as much (I can only take so much of the whole salted-caramel thing before I’ve had enough for one sitting), so I stopped eating.

Then, when I was at Fuddruckers, I had one fry and decided it wasn’t good. So, I decided to save myself the points and not eat the rest.

Normally after indulging in a cupcake I would have thrown in the towel in preparation to eat the world. Not this time! I ate until I was satisfied, and I stopped eating when I stopped enjoying the food. Yes, I went over what I planned on eating, but I got right back on track with eating healthily the next day (well, minus the brownie a la mode Smart One I enjoyed because it’s a quick way to use up the last few points I have).

So, since I was too lazy earlier in the day to work out, I think I’ll take a quick drive to the gym to get a nice long workout in. I absolutely hate working out when other people are home haha. I could use a good chunk of time on the treadmill today…. and maybe some time on a bike. I’ll see when I get there.