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So, I’ve officially finished my first week on Weight Watchers, and I’ve managed to survive all things considered. I will admit, I was a little disappointed in my loss this week. I mean, week 1 is the week where someone should be able to expect the best losses, right? I do have to keep in mind that I did have a delicious cupcake, a burger, grilled cheese, and an impromptu lunch at Qdoba followed by Red Mango. So, overall, I did pretty well for my first week. I managed to balance my meals out with a bit of exercise and some healthy eating at home, so I think I’m fine.

I also learned what I should order next time at Qdoba. Not that I did terribly yesterday, but I could have done a lot better if I had a plan. To be perfectly honest, that’s my number one tip for weight loss: have an action plan. Look up nutritional information for various local restaurants and cuisines. There may be some point where you have a last-minute meal and need to be able to think on your feet. It will definitely help if you have a list of “safe” options tucked inside your car.

So, onto my stats for the week. I have decided to eliminate several stats like distance traveled and floors climbed. Currently, my FitBit detects floors climbed even when I am in my car, so the accuracy of that feature is very much off. I have also decided to eliminate the distance traveled category because I have not measured my stride length. I also have decided not to include my sleep data because it is too difficult to calculate manually.

Current weight: 181.8 pounds
Change during the week: -2 pounds
Total change in weight: -2 pounds
Total number of steps taken during the week: 40,854
Average number of steps per day: 5,836
Total calories burned: 17,108
Average number of calories burned per day: 2,444