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One of the things that supposedly makes Weight Watchers such a great program is the meetings and support from other members. Now, to be perfectly honest, I find the word “support” to be a questionable term in reference to their online forums. Some meeting leaders, in my experience, have been better than others. I’ve attended various meetings in New Jersey, but I’ve also been a guest/short-term member in Arizona, Utah, and Virginia during my time as a member. To date, my favorite leader is my original Tuesday night leader: Janet.

The online forums and teams are also supposedly one of the reasons for success among Sparkpeople members as well, and even during my Weight Watchers days, I sought support on those forums whenever I found myself in a tough spot.

I’m nearly positive that there’s some well-known study that determined that people who lose weight with a friend are more successful. I guess that’s true- especially when you’re eating out. It’s a lot easier to get some vegetables instead of french fries if you don’t have to watch the person across the table chow down on his or her own side of fries.

In the Weight Watchers meeting world, having a friend in the meeting room helps as well. I hate going into rooms full of people I don’t know. Just having someone there helps. You know who you’ll be sitting next to during the meeting, and if both of you like to try to blend into the background, you can embarrass each other when it comes time to celebrate successes. (Trust me, it’s fun to raise a hand to point out a friend when the meeting leader asks if there are any rewards for the week… even if you barely raise your own hand when you reach a milestone).

However, there is one tip that I always stress when it comes to picking a weight loss buddy. It’s not that you need to pick someone who is just as (if not more than) committed to reaching your goals as you are.

My number one piece of advice when picking a weight loss buddy (and this is especially for any ladies out there looking to lose weight):