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So, I have a confession to make.

There won’t be any FitBit stats for at LEAST two weeks. I lost my FitBit on Saturday night, and while I wait for my replacement device, I have decided not to track my steps. I have a cheap pedometer that I can use, but I honestly don’t trust the accuracy of it. If I shift my weight, it adds a step or two. My FitBit does add some false steps, but not nearly as many.

So, I hope to start up again with my FitBit stats on February 6, 2012, but it’s not certain. I will start up with my stats after my first full week with my new FitBit (Monday-Sunday week).

I did gain weight this week, but I wasn’t exactly on plan. I took some time off after realizing that my calories on Momentum were pretty low. So, I blame a higher fat, higher sodium binge over the past few days for my weight gain, just as in last week.

So, without my FitBit, I’m going to spend this week just focusing on my food. I need to get used to how to budget my points for Points Plus since I’m not quite sure what my ideal balance is.

Current weight: 184.2
Change during the week: +2 pounds
Total change in weight: +0.4 pounds

That is a lot of red right there. There’s no telling what my loss will be for this upcoming week, but I’m expecting a loss as long as I stay on track. Just drinking a ton of water should help me drop the water weight gain. I’ve been peeing like crazy, so there’s a chance I dropped most of the weight I gained overnight. Since a month or so of binging and not following any healthy eating plan didn’t cause a huge gain in weight (I pretty much maintained overall), I don’t expect a few days to do much damage.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to start up with my FitBit stats again soon, and if it works out, my FitBit stats will start up when I get to update you with a new picture and measurements.