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One of the things I started with this weight loss journey was a sticker chart. It was a simple concept: meet a non-scale victory (or minor scale victory like 5 pounds loss), earn a sticker. Earn enough stickers, get a prize (like a Kindle book).

Anyhoo, I’ve decided to share my first full sticker chart. I’ll admit, I’ve been pretty bad when it comes to keeping up with my chart over the past couple weeks, but I’m getting back on track there.

1 01/02/12 Went to gym for first time in months
2 01/02/12 Met all GHGs
3 01/04/12 Had several points left over at the end of the day, and didn’t binge on junk to use them
4 01/05/12 Kept to a 2 points snack while babysitting
5 01/05/12 Had some melon as a pre-dinner snack
6 01/05/12 Skipped the biscuit at Ruby Tuesday and used the points towards a healthier snack
7 01/06/12 Planned on doing 2 Leslie Sansone Miles, but did 3 instead
8 01/06/12 Stopped eating cupcake when I stopped fully enjoying it
9 01/06/12 Realized fries weren’t good and didn’t eat them
10 01/06/12 Brought emergency snacks to youth group
11 01/07/12 Survived TOM without binging
12 01/08/12 Avoided the temptation of summer sausages at the council.
13 01/08/12 Kept portions in check at Red Mango
14 01/08/12 Made reasonably good choices at Qdoba without an “action plan”.
15 01/10/12 Packed a lunch to bring to work instead of snacking on junk.
16 01/10/12 Stopped eating Chinese when I was satisfied; skipped rice
17 01/13/12 Did a 4 mile Leslie Sansone Walk
18 01/16/12 Got back on plan right away after falling off the wagon
19 01/16/12 Tried a new recipe to get out of the slump/get back on track.
20 01/16/12 Did 3 FAST Leslie Sansone Miles
21 01/16/12 Completed two workouts in one day.
22 01/17/12 Did workout on my day “off”
23 01/17/12 Added minor strength training
24 01/17/12 Avoided sugary snacks at work
25 01/18/12 Made it through a rough night without binging
26 01/18/12 Researched possible source of urge to binge
27 01/18/12 Decided to switch to Points Plus because I was eating too little
28 01/19/12 Still packed lunch even though I didn’t track.
29 01/23/12 Started Points Plus
30 01/23/12 Ate two meals out on plan
31 01/24/12 Used weeklies on Points Plus without worrying or feeling guilty
32 01/25/12 Packed extra snacks for ice skating at youth
33 01/25/12 Let go of wall when ice skating
34 01/26/12 Packed lunch and snack
35 01/27/12 Left a couple bites of Pad Thai on plate
36 01/27/12 Used weeklies with no regrets
37 01/28/12 Tried acorn squash to get back on track
38 01/28/12 Got right back on track after eating unhealthy dinner on Friday
39 01/29/12 Decided not to buy PopChips at church
40 01/29/12 Decided to sip on water when bored
41 01/30/12 Lost weight on PointsPlus
42 01/30/12 Didn’t give into emotional eating
43 01/30/12 Picked getting in GHG over saving points
44 02/01/12 Met dairy GHG
45 02/01/12 Tried tuna again
46 02/02/12 Found temporary milk travel solution
47 02/03/12 Ate only two slices of pizza
48 02/04/12 Came up with quick, on the go, breakfast
49 02/06/12 Went to the gym
50 02/06/12 Went to Smashburger and only had ½ of sides- even when there were leftovers