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I’ve been struggling with my weight loss journey since 2006… and I’m only 21.

Over the past several years, however, I’ve made some small changes that seem to be sticking.

In 2008: I gave up soda and slurpees (but not all caloric beverages).

In 2010: I gave up all caloric beverages aside from milk substitutes. My guilty pleasure is a cup of vanilla soy milk- which I RARELY have.

In 2012: I started packing my lunch on most days. Even if it’s an unhealthy lunch, it almost ALWAYS includes at least one or two servings of fruit/veggies.

In 2012: I started packing away a portion of my leftovers from dinners out in my lunches in order to stretch the meal a little.

Little by little, these small changes are adding up. I also gave up all artificial sweeteners, swapped regular yogurt for Greek, and whenever I have to bring food to an event, I throw together a veggie tray with homemade Greek yogurt dip (I often include some crackers though).

It’s just taking me so long to make each small change that I’m definitely NOT seeing results.