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I know. I know.

I am a terrible, horrible, no good, very bag blogger. It’s been entirely too long since I’ve posted an update, and I really have no excuses. None.

Lately, I’ve been getting intrigued by the concept of “bento blogging”. I got wrapped up in the world when I first started using my favorite EasyLunchBoxes containers. I’ve mentioned them in a few previous posts here, here, and here. Even though a lot of the lunches in my favorite blogs are kid lunches with fun cut-out sandwiches, food picks, and other frills that are usually more time consuming than it’s worth for an adult lunch, I still use these blogs for inspiration all the time- and they don’t always use the EasyLunchBoxes containers exclusively!

I’ve considered jumping into this bento blogging world myself, but I don’t always pack lunches, so it wouldn’t be a regular blog series for now- especially since I’m unemployed. Perhaps that will change when I get a job, but for now, I guess I can start off with old lunches, right?


One of my favorite sandwich combos is Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedges, thinly sliced ham, and shredded carrots. This was paired with a cup of butternut squash soup in a Ziploc 1.5 cup glass container (use a thermos if you don’t have access to a microwave) and a side of blackberries and grape tomatoes. Naturally, the sandwich is in one of my trusty EasyLunchboxes containers. For those who are counting, the entire meal is 7 PointsPlus values on Weight Watchers and took about a minute to throw together.

For more Bento Blogs, check out two of my favorite bloggers: Keeley McGuire, who features peanut-free, tree nut free, and gluten free lunches (with several other “Top 8” allergen free lunches) for her “Little Miss,” and Ludicrous Mama of Biting the Hand that Feeds You who features meals free of artificial coloring, flavorings, and gluten for her two girls. [There’s also links to other blogs on Biting the Hand that Feeds You].

Of course, I can only dream of my blog being good enough to really be associated with those blogs- especially this random, mish-mosh blog I have!

I’ll split it up some day.