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Has anyone here suffered from “the grass is always greener syndrome” with weight loss.

Just imagine. You’re on a diet/weight loss plan that is working for you. Maybe you’re tracking calories on Sparkpeople. The weight is coming off, and you’re more successful than you’ve been in years.

Then, you read a new article about some new diet plan that intrigues you. Or maybe your friend’s relative has dropped a lot of weight on a strict low carb diet plan. It doesn’t matter that even a more moderate approach has been too much for you in the past.

Or, perhaps, you’re just looking at what you did in the past. After all, while the ranges on Sparkpeople are nice, and you love how easy it is to find generic items, other websites have BETTER databases, and they sync better with your fitness device. There was also that time several years ago when you lost weight on this one program, so why not try that again?

I’ve been having that problem with Weight Watchers lately. I love going to the meetings. I find tracking on there easy, and I love the free fruit and vegetables. However, there have been days when I’ll eat half a dozen mini muffins JUST because I still have points at the end of the day (even though most other websites would say I’m doing perfectly fine, WW says I’m UNDEREATING).

But I also know that if I were tracking calories on here, I’d be thinking about all the things I love about Weight Watchers.

There’s no winning.